Monday, May 21, 2007

Summer Fashion Flash

It seems everyone wants to be a Ballerina. Channel models hit the runways recently wearing black scoop neck long sleeve cut-out leotards, covered with an ankle length sheer black tulle skirts accented with large gold belts and several large gold cuff bracelets. So much for "no jewlery in dance class girls" but really a picture is worth 1000 words. Check out Allure Magazine June 2007 addition.

Channel's nail color for summer is Ballerina - the color of a soft pink TUTU.

This summer's beach hairdo is a low CHIGNON with a long hair pin. Much much more stylish than elastic, covered with a wide brim straw hat .

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fall Fashion Preview

Surprise, the Fashion Designers have unveiled their Fall line-up. Gone are the grey shades of pink pale lipstick, bright bold eyeshadow, ruffles and frilly clothes and hooray unkept hairdos.

Clothes will be more tailored, neat and earth tones prevail. Make-up will be more natural the barely there look except for bright red lipstick (watch out David Letterman I saw that kiss Kirsten Dunst planted on you last week)!

Finally hair will be well groomed. Chignons will be in fashion and demand for the discriminating wearer who's going to get use to the idea that a little fashion in ones hair will go a long way.

Pony-tails are back but in a pulled back mode. Its going to be a Fall of neat well kept and dressed hair. Accessory time!


So the queen came and went. Did anyone notice her Tiara? Actually Tiara is a Latin word for crown and have been part of our culture since the early 8th. century. Tiaras were also worn by Roman Catholic Popes as part of the Papal headpiece. It was a cloth cap surrounded by three smaller metal crowns that stood for Christ's power as priest, prophet and King.

It amazes me to think that as far back as the 13Th, century tiaras were worn by men. It was symbol of their social importance but they were not royals.

So now the tiara has evolved to be made of bejeweled metals a band worn on the heads of women as a symbol of beauty and social rank. We see them at beauty pageants, weddings, prom queens, homecoming queens (does anyone celebrate that still or am I dating myself?).

Perhaps the most beautiful display is when The Ballerina dances on the stage in her radiant sparkling tiara as if to simply add a special touch to the grace of her steps.

In Greek bridal tradition The Bride and Groom wear tiaras or crowns actually called "Stefina". Given as a gift from the groom like a king to his queen so is the greatest symbol of beauty, royalty, the tiara. Pick one up and wear it. You will feel special and you too can sparkle in the moments time.