Thursday, April 26, 2007


A snood is a net covering worn by women that holds hair neatly at the back of the net. Snoods are worn in many cultures.

Probably most common in Scotland, young unmarried women wore a circlet of ribbon around their heads as a sign that they were not married. Victorian women made snoods fashonable as part of their hats to hold their hair neatly in place underneath.

In 1924 hats with snoods were popular as wedding hair pieces. As far back as in 1942 Ginger Rogers wore a snood on her wedding day keeping it popular and perhaps even more famous Scarlett O"Hara (Vivian Leigh) wore a snood in Gone With the Wind.

Today doctors and nurses wear disposable snoods in the operating room. For obvious reasons it is a very convenient way to control ones hair.

There's snoods for dogs too! Designed for our fine haired friends with long ears it keeps their ears out of their food while they are eating.

So, when you are having a bad hair day "use a snood!" You will be impressed at how neat and polished you will look.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to Jazpizaz

Welcome to my blog where I hope to introduce you to some of my experiences that have brought me to the brink of launching my first e-commerce website and how I plan to service and cater to anyone who appreciates specialty dancewear and accessories.

When my then 3 1/2 year old daughter, Andrea, started her pre-ballet class she insisted that she had to look like the older Ballerinas (They were all of eight years old!) She wanted a "hair bun cover". So I took my crochet hook and some yarn and created a "Chignon Cap." Andrea wore it to her next class. All the other little pre-ballet Ballerinas wanted a "hair bun cover too!!" I took note of their leotard colors and made a "hair bun cover" for each classmate. They were so excited and adorable. Eventually, I made " hair bun covers" for each Ballerina in the dance studio and CHIGNON KAPS BY KAREN was started.

Andrea graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in May of 2006 as a dance major. My ever popular " hair bun cover" will be new to the internet and the flagship product of I hope to share the past success of a "hair bun cover" that is not just for dance. As a time tested Hair Accessory it has found itself in the wardrobes of Ballerinas, Gymnasts, Skaters, Ballroom Dancers, Square Dancers, Equestians, Bridal Parties, Waitresses and Flight Attendants. Bun Covers are great stocking stuffers at Christmas. There will be other specialty items offered at

A Chignon, a knot or braid of hair at the nape of the neck, has been a popular hairstyle since ancient times.

Today, a Chignon is a classic hairdo for a young ballerina in her dance class or recital, teenage girls on the Prom dance floor, brides at the altar and starlets on the red carpet.
Whenever you wear a Chignon you look polished, sophisticated, classy, sexy and beautiful.